How can you be found if no one knows that you exist? In today’s ever changing world, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle or in the wave of a viral trend. It is common to be overlooked because of an administrative error or simply forgotten because you didn’t leave a lasting impression, which is why brand visibility is essential.

Your personal brand (your name and/or work) should be on the forefront of the minds of the people that you are trying to reach, even when you are not physically present.
In building your personal brand, it is important to be and remain visible! Understand that seeking attention is not the same as being visible. Let me be very clear, do not be obnoxious or develop what I consider to be the eager puppy syndrome. The eager puppy syndrome is when a person bounces from one activity, cause, clique, company, or conversation to another without reason, invitation or interest.

When a person acts like the eager puppy, it is perceived that he or she is chasing everything and focusing on nothing. If you appear at inopportune times and places, inserting yourself inappropriately, you will be given the brand of an opportunist. People will deem you as unfocused and assume you are waiting for the next trend of events or “big thing.” Employers, fans, and potential clients will assume that you lack loyalty and view you, your work, and/or service as temporal.

The best way to gain visibility in the workplace and/or marketplace is to be consistent, authentic, and provide value. By being consistent, your audience will know what to expect and depend upon from you. When you are authentic, your personal brand becomes one of trust. As people begin to trust you and/or your work you will be considered as a subject matter expert. Lastly, your brand should either make others money, save them money, or create an experience for them, which is the value that your personal brand provides.

When your brand has value and is visible, you won’t have to chase opportunities, they will find you! By being visible, others will take notice without you knowing that they are watching. Never forget every interaction is an interview, make sure the brand you’re wearing is YOU!