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The packaging is as important as its contents!



The Premier Branding Program for Entrepreneurs and Individuals

The Brand to Wear was created with YOU in mind! Just like your wardrobe reflects your personal style and accommodates your lifestyle, your personal brand, displays your value, uniqueness, and what makes you memorable. Your business, product and/or service reflects your brand.

Because every interaction is an interview to your next opportunity, effective branding is essential for entrepreneurs and individuals alike!

Our programs are designed to help you tailor your brand to be congruent, memorable, and get you noticed! Whether you desire to have a brand that is chic, casual, or somewhere in between, we are ready to dress YOU for success!


It is the mission of The Brand to Wear to deliver superior branding strategies and quality programs that encourages entrepreneurs and employees alike, to embrace their individuality, by providing them with the opportunity to discover their value, gain confidence, and possess the courage to dress their personal brand to be recognized, respected, and remembered. 

It is our goal to provide valuable tools and the knowledge necessary to engineer those tools to create a brand that is visible, sustainable and produces brand advocates.  


Your personal brand speaks when you aren't in the room, what is your brand saying about you?


We tailor personal brands to become unique, congruent and worn with confidence!

Many immediately think fashion, style, or clothing when they hear The Brand to Wear. And that’s good! Because it makes it easier to understand how a brand is presented and represented.

In today’s digital world, a brand is seen long before an introduction is made. Just like the outfit  we wear says something about who you are, whether its intentional or not, how a brand is displayed (worn), tells others who you are and what to think or feel when they see you, the product and/or service that is being presented.

Many entrepreneurs present a brand in which the face, the voice and the image of their brand is as disshuffled and mismatched as last week’s outfit retrieved straight out of the dirty clothes hamper. Your branding wardrobe should be complete, reflect who you are, worn appropriately with confidence and deliver a crisp, concise message.

We are here to help coordinate your brand with solutions that produce brand congruency. We work with individuals and entrepreneurs to build a branding wardrobe, that is cohesive and complete in order to be marketable, sustainable, and valuable through visibility, trust and consistency to attract ideal opportunities.


We tailor personal brands to become unique, congruent and worn with confidence!

Create BRAND Awareness

Become a brand that your target audience can easily identify and associate with a particular feeling or deliverable.

Establish BRAND Distinction

The value that your personal brand provides separates you from your competition.

Maintain BRAND Visibility

Discover a place to occupy in the minds of the people you are trying to reach, even when you’re not present.

Cultivate BRAND Advocates

Brand advocates will refer others to you to experience the value of your personal brand.

Develop BRAND Value

Establish what your brand has to offer that will benefit your target audience that will make them want to do business with you.

Authenticate a recognizable BRAND

Possess a personal brand built on integrity and individuality, that people can distinguish.

Our Branding Separates

We offer a full range of branding strategies that are ready to be tailored for your branding wardrobe.

Introducing The Brand to Wear

Branding is all about

Value 90%
Trust 80%
Distinction 95%