Personal Branding for Employers

Building a Sustainable Business Begins with Building Strong Employees

When your employees are uninterested in their job, they become unintentionally careless.

They accidentally drop equipment.

They haphazardly print documents wasting materials.

And they unwittingly deny responsibility for their inept work.

This hurts your organization’s bottom line. But guess what else suffers from this carelessness? Your brand. 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your employees are brand ambassadors for your organization. They promote your organization to prospects. They refer their families and friends to your organization. And they brag about how great it is to work for your organization.


But here’s the finicky stitch in this hem: your employees only do this if they feel valued. More often than not your employees show up for work, do what they’re told, and go home. This out-of-style routine leaves them feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and unappreciated.  And that’s not their fault. It’s yours!


You are responsible for your employee’s happiness. Now you may be asking yourself, “How do I care for the well-being of my employees while simultaneously fostering strong brand integrity?”




By hiring Deondriea Cantrice to show your employees their worth! Your most vital task as a leader is to create an environment that allows your employees to unleash their full potential.

It’s not your job to force your employees to listen. It’s your job to develop a system that entices your employees, so they want to listen, and in turn, spread your organization’s mission throughout the community.


Through The Brand to Wear and her haute couture workshops, Deondriea will demonstrate the importance of:


Employee development; illuminating why their input and feedback is meaningful, and why trust and cooperation are needed in order for the team to flourish.

Employee retention; emphasizing career advancement within your organization.


Employee longevity; boosting morale by taking pride in their work, and having high ethical and performance standards.


Employee engagement; clarifying your organization’s vision and goals, and why they’re vital to the overall success of your organization.


Employees become empowered when they’re engaged. Knowing their value weaves a pattern of positive brand attrition. They become loyal to you and want to contribute to your organization’s success. As a result of their engagement, your employee’s productivity increases along with your profits.

We conducts workshops company wide, by business unit, and for your management team! Your employees are your brand. Learn how to make your workforce work for you!