Our Branding Programs

Business is a language. Branding is what you say!

Be a brand that is recognized, respected and remembered!

Let Deondriea Cantrice show you how to talk your brand’s talk and walk your brand’s walk by creating your signature style.

The Brand To Wear, a program filled with courses and products designed to guide you through the process of building a haute couture brand.

Just like you’d build your personal wardrobe with chic, trendy shirts, everyday essential shoes, and special occasion accessories, that reflect your personal style, you must build your brand’s unique identity.

The Brand To Wear is your one-stop shop for building a catwalk-ready brand that’ll grab your ideal client’s attention, nurture a long-lasting connection, and ultimately, have them buying from you with devoted admiration.

Instead of busting at the seams searching everywhere for branding advice and “how to’s” that are neither engaging nor practical, enroll in one of Deondriea’s enlightening courses filled with easily applicable brand-building activities or purchase one of her powerful products filled with advice about branding best practices.

Each course and product is tailor-made to fit your branding needs and build your branding skills, filling your wardrobe with all the “must haves” to become successful.

These offerings will teach you how to:

  • Get clear on your brand’s identity.
  • Become synonymous with your products and services.
  • Create a cohesive brand both on and off line.
  • Build brand trust and visibility.
  • Attract the opportunities and clients you desire.
  • Increase sales and exceed your earning potential.
  • Establish and position your brand as an industry leader.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, design a brand that’s a limited edition, and reap the rewards of what you’ve sewn, then sign up for the courses and services below!


The BRAND to Wear

The Brand to Wear VIP event provides entrepreneurs and employees an opportunity to develop their brand, the message, and strategy with the support of 11 other participants over a course of 2 days.

What's in Your Closet?

How your brand shows up in the world is essential. What’s in Your Closet is an evaluation of your will brand to determine if the look, sound and feel of your brand in alignment to establish trust and distinction.

Build Your Branding Wardrobe

Building Your Branding Wardrobe consists of a combination of course work, webinars, and group discussions, enroll today and create a wardrobe that is fitting for your brand.

Create Your BRAND Ensemble

As you build personal branding wardrobe, your closet has to be complete with the staple items that will assist you in building and fostering a sustainable brand that is trusted and worn with confidence.

Employees with a great personal brand become brand advocates for your organization.

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