The Personal Branding Fitting Room


Custom fit branding programs and LIVE events that assist in coordinating and sustaining an ideal brand with confidence.

The BRAND to Wear Programs

Because we recognize that personal branding is essential and not a passing trend, we would like to introduce The Brand to Wear. A program filled with courses and products, designed to guide you through the process of building a haute couture brand. The Brand to Wear offers unparalleled, comprehensive personal branding workshops, eCourses, and webinars that assist entrepreneurs and individuals in building and fostering a brand that is recognized, respected and remembered. Each program within The Brand to Wear was created to position brands to be visible, showcase value, and be presented with confidence!

the brand to wear


Employees that feel empowered are more engaged! As an organization or manager, the best way to drive that engagement is to convert your employees into advocates of your brand. As brand advocates, employees will refer people they trust to work for the organization and customers to buy from your company.


You may feel like your career has come to a screeching halt, or being laid off has left you confused about your next move. With a well assembled personal brand, you will proudly wear your brand with confidence and others will see your unique promise of value positioning you for your next opportunity.


Are you the top of mind or an afterthought when customers think about the product of services that you offer? Having a trusted brand that is preferred by your target audience is a challenge for many entrepreneurs because of globalization and being a mobile society. Your brand matters more than ever.

The Best Personal Branding Strategies Available

The Brand to Wear provides clients the opportunity to recognize their value and present it with confidence.

Build the message of your personal brand based on what you want your audience to think or feel when the hear your name or see your products.

Every interaction is an interview for a future opportunity, the way your personal brand is presented will determine your success!


Having a cohesive brand message that is consistent throughout your marketing strategy will ensure continuity within your products.

Price should not be what distinguishes you from the competition. People are will to pay a premium price for a premium product or service.


Ensure that the brand’s image is in alignment with the brand’s message.


Once a target market is clearly defined, coordinating an appealing brand is easier.


A well-dressed brand is has a common look, feel and sound online and in person.


A brand must be fully dressed before being presented to potential clients.


To attract opportunities, its not about seeking attention, the brand must be visible.


A brand must be dressed in a way that is attractive to its target market.

Our best work

A complete branding wardrobe is incomplete if the brand outfits are mismatched.

BE a brand that is congruent, consistent and worn with confidence!


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Deondriea Cantrice
Brand Architect
As a celebrated author and dynamic speaker, Deondriea is able to deliver presentations and workshops that engage clients and help them design a brand that fits their individuality and goals. She has been responsible for developing and managing effective branding strategies for authors, entrepreneurs and television personalities. Deondriea believes that everyone has value, and with a tailor-made brand that value is displayed and will position clients to attract new opportunities.